Google Panda update – a boon for searchers, a curse for some websites

It is difficult to believe that Panda update did turn out to be an extremely effective cure regarding discouraging website owners to fill the web pages of their websites with useless or non-relevant content. There is no doubt that the majority of users do prefer to rely on Google in comparison to other search engines, for gaining information. Google has clearly taken a lead regarding user base, which prefer to make the use of Google. But so far Google was unable to offer relevant information, which were searched out by users. After rolling out Panda update. Google made this thing very clear that it is not going to tolerate nonsense content anymore and this time it is extremely serious about offering quality content to its users.

There was a time when users would require slogging hard regarding finding to-the-point information. The number of those websites which did intend to bluff users, merely for the sake of enhancing their ranking or enhancing the traffic on their sites, was more in comparison to the genuine websites, featuring relevant content. Indeed, it became need of the hour to curb those web pages, due to which, users would end up in wasting their precious time. Google decided to put a control on such sites, which were filled with worthless content and would make the users irritated to a great extent. The Panda update released by Google meant for putting a check on shallow results and it did succeed largely in its endeavor. Now, it is quite evident that the quality of results on search engine pages, have really improved a lot than earlier.

However, while praising about Panda update, we need to consider another side of the Panda update. It is undeniable that due to Panda update, the quality of search pages have enhanced but at the same time, lots of genuine websites got affected due to this update, since they were penalized by Google, as in accordance to Google, they were featuring shallow content. No doubt, dealing with a Google penalty, literally turned out to be nightmare for business owners as they feared losing their businesses and eventually ended up in losing businesses, which were established with lot of hard work.

It is obvious that, where at one side, for users, Panda update proved to be a saving grace, since they were badly disappointed with the quality of information on search pages, on another side, for businesses, this update turned out to be a terrifying experience. Well, how justifiable a Panda update, is still an intriguing question. At one side, Google stresses that business owners should create quality content, keeping users in mind, while on another side; it stresses that business owners should have content on almost all the pages. Here comes a big question mark on Google’s guideline because, for resourceful business owners, it might not be a big problem to comply with Google guidelines but for small and medium business owners, who are equipped with limited resources, it becomes difficult to adhere to Google guidelines.

Is Google taking undue advantage of its influential position? Or, does it intend to prove to its users that, come what may, it is determined to ensure quality search experience to the users. Well, whatever reason is behind compelling the search giant to roll out updates like Panda, there is no denying to the fact that this update has played an important role in establishing or strengthening the trust of users in Google search results.

How social media is influencing SEO?

Social Media
There has been much hue and cry about SEO and social media lately. Everyone knows that social media is emerging out as a powerful weapon but the majority of people are still clueless regarding the manner in which social media is influencing SEO. Well, if we talk about social media then it is not just growing in terms of reach and size but it has started influencing the ways through which sites are optimized for search. There has been a drastic metamorphosis, in the manner in which SEO strategies are being created. Where at one side, least attention was being paid to the social media, earlier in SEO, now more emphasis is laid on ensuring social media friendliness, while designing strategy.

In order to understand that how social media influences search engine optimization strategy one need to understand about the basic concepts of social media. However, all search results do feature annotations, but Bing and Google do make use of data from social media in order to annotate some results on SERPs. The visual social info, which is being effectively displayed on annotations, does play an important role in grabbing users’ attention and which in turn, can lead to an enhanced clickthrough rate and enhanced organic search engine traffic.

The search engine uses social data in order to personalize those results, displayed by search engines, which users see, on the basis of various factors related to the social media. Those factors include network connections and social activity. ‘Search Plus Your World’ by Google lays emphasis on social media activities around Google+, but it also does take into consideration the social signals. Being a partner of Twitter and Facebook, both, Bing has far better access to data from both sides. The search engines have begun assessing the social activities in order to determine the value of content, besides determining content author’s authority.

As of now, the impact created by the social media activities in affecting overall ranking is limited but with the passage of the time, the impact is expected to grow with SEO. Sharing links across networks related to social media can really make a big difference as links from influential websites possess more power than recommendations of Google+ 1 and tweets. The majority of people come across information through social media shares, which leads them towards other information platforms like blogs. It has indeed become imperative to share posts on the social networks, if the blog is being updated frequently with fresh content.

There are few social media sites, which provide do-follow attributes. These sites are really worth giving a try. StumbleUpon is one good example among those sites. Authorship feature by Google is meant to highlight author information. By taking an advantage of this feature, one can really offer reader’s more information regarding one’s work. Search engines are trying to explore the concept related to Authorank, in order to offer favorable rankings in the search results to credible authors. To put it in a nutshell, there is no denying to the fact that in coming future, the role of social media is really going to gain more importance regarding influencing SEO strategies.

Basic principles of beautiful web designs

Designing a website is something which requires a good aesthetic sense and knowledge of important technical aspects. Professional web designers generally possess the both. These professional web designers and developers put their emphasis on incorporating meaningful information and generally design the website in a manner so that website can generate maximum traffic. Here are some of the basic principles on which stress should be given so that the website really gets ahead on the success track which is generating business and driving in profits.

Color is the foremost element of web designing. Professional web designers turn to few methods of choosing a color scheme and they pick a color scheme which suits to a client’s taste and his requirement. One of the most popular methods of color scheme is, using the various different hues and tints of the same color for different features of the website. This method ensures a pleasing overall appearance of the website due to color harmonization as uses of different colors don’t create a bizarre look.

Readability is the most imperative element and that depends on which font or typeface you opt for. Generally, when it comes to opting for a final font or typeface, professional designers do not use more than two fonts. Using Browser safe fonts is usually one way through which users are able to see the original website otherwise there exist few other methods like employing Javascript which can let you do some experiments.

Besides color contrast and readability, there are lots of aspects where one can apply contrast. For an instance, professional web designers incorporate contrast to headings, important titles and sometimes to highlight some significant points. A contrast can be applied via typeface, font, colors, etc and a variety of other ways.

The new rule is also among vital web designing rules. In this rule, an image is split into two equally spaced, imaginary, vertical and horizontal lines and then important element of the composition is placed on line intersects. This rule enhances the appeal of the website and fetches maximum number of viewers.

Last but not the least, whatever you opt for, just makes sure that consistency is being taken care of because at the end, consistency plays an important role in deciding the overall appeal of your website. It is the combination of all the above elements that make a website truly appealing and really work when every other website is there to impress the visitors. However, best SEO or content can promote a website, if its design and development is not in shape; the user will come to the website but will not stay or will not do the intended purpose.

Why Do I Need Managed It Services?

Companies that want to cut costs and stay within budget often overlook managed IT services. What they don't realize is that these services can actually help them save money. Proper IT management can result in an efficiently run company with increased positive customer feedback. Some benefits include:


. Technology software is constantly changing. Once a company has a program installed, they must keep the program up to date. Updates are what keep software programs running smoothly and efficiently. Updates also offer new functions that make websites and networks more user-friendly. With managed IT services, the updates are downloaded as soon as they become necessary.


. Every company today needs modern technology in order to run. Unfortunately, this doesn't come without problems. Coding errors, crashing services and security measures are all issues that could end up creating unsatisfactory customer experiences. Managed IT services can fix the problems as they occur. In addition to this, the IT workers will make improvements to help prevent those errors from reoccurring. IT professionals can also create new systems that will increase a company’s productivity.


. Every single company needs to make sure their technology is safe for the sake of their customers. For example, when a credit card is used through a website, the page needs to be coded so that hackers aren't able to see the number of the card and the personal information of the buyer. Security can protect websites from viruses so that customer information (and sensitive website owner information) is safe. When sites are hacked, it creates huge issues for the company. It costs a significant amount of money to repair, and can easily ruin a reputation. IT workers will constantly monitor security to make sure that everything is up-to-date, while being properly coded and protected.

Increased Productivity

. When employees aren't able to get their work done due to IT issues, money is lost. Not only will employees not be able to help customers, they also won't be able to make sales, or do anything else that needs to be done. With professional services, the issues are immediately taken care of.

Social Media–the latest success mantra

Social networking sites are very popular with all age groups. They act as a medium where one can share thoughts, where one can gets an escape from boredom by playing games, where one can socialize, where one can advertise and many more. Each individual has his own reason behind joining these sites. These sites are very user friendly and allow easy access to all. On the other hand, companies, organizations have a different reason to join these social media sites and it is to promote their brand, offer their services or raise a cause and much more. Reason: these social media websites act as a platform for promotion. And, believe it, it is instant or quick promotion. Consider this - Indian Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar joins Facebook recently and he got unprecedented Likes within an hour. Similar is the case with products and services offered by the companies, provided the company, product or service has a robust presence on the social media sites.

Facebook, Twitter and recently Pinterest are few social networking sites to be named that are making social media marketing hotter than search engine optimization. Companies are using these sites to promote and advertise themselves, liking the page of a company would automatically bring it to the notice of not only one but the friends also and the number of likes an advertisement gets the number of times it is being promoted.

These easy promotion strategies are working well with companies and they are ready to give prizes to the person who gives the maximum likes. Social networking sites are heavily catering to demands of almost all strata’s of society. The privacy given by these sites is also commendable. You can control who can connect to you and who cannot, you can easily block people. Even company’s when hiring employees check their profiles on these sites. These social networking sites provide an access to various applications which are helpful. There is open authentication protocol which means that one account can be used to sign in for these sites, the hassle of remembering too many user names and passwords is no more there. The mail gets all the notifications and also you get mobile updates in case you give your mobile number. All these and many more such features have made these sites appealing.

Not only companies, even celebrities find them a good medium to connect to their fans. Companies or social awareness groups are creating their pages on these sites so that they get maximum footage. These sites are not paid and so anyone can create an account and start working. Long lost friends are being searched; families are coming closer and even marriage proposals are being finalized through these sites. Social networking sites are very clear about their statistics also and one can clearly see what changes are being made. You can even upload videos on sites like YouTube for public viewing. These features are making people crazy after these sites and attracting more and more traffic.

Website is like child it depends on Development and Design

Thinking of a commercial or personal website is like thinking of begetting and nurturing a child. One has to invest and think a lot before one could start taking care of a child, about the future, career, upbringing, and a lot of other aspects. Similarly, having a website in the vision for commercial or personal purposes need a deep thought of the purpose it needs to fulfill as well as the audience it needs to address.

Web development and web designing of a website is more like the upbringing of the child and the content is similar to the daily feed the child should have. Whereas a web development company is the institution where the website learns and imbibes the basics of success, just as a child inculcates qualities at school. The name of the website is important in the process but it is quite opposite to the christening of a child. Where we think of a different name for the child, we have to think of a variation of the popular names in the filed the website needs to address. If for example the website relates to web design, it should have something relating to or starting with ‘web design’. Developing the web, designing it well, and feeding it with proper content is very important for overall health of the website. A well built website will be able to fight well with other websites and its design will leave many stunned at first sight. Besides, an intense search engine optimization from day 1 of the website, will lead to its popularity by the time it achieves an age. At this point of time, the so far optimization will earn it further but this does not mean that seo should altogether be stopped as similar other websites are in the race and thus similar to a child, a website has to compete with others. And, there is much more competition among websites than among the younger generation.

When the website is designed, developed in a well thought out manner, it will be able to produce some results. Intensive SEO from the beginning means that its popularity increases and people start visiting it. Once the chain reaction triggers, gradually the website gains momentum and reaches a level where it earns more than what one expects. Adding features and keeping the website up-to-date with latest trends and features helps it retain its position on the internet. An occasional upgrade of design keeps it new and users welcome the move. In addition to this, feeding it regularly with content relevant to the domain is must. In this way, the child that has now grown up, starts earning for you and the website establishes its own identity and it is a pleasure to see it growing and getting popular over the internet pleasing the visitors and users with whatever it is meant for. If it is a news portal, make sure that it publishes news and if it is about cars, make sure it provides all around information about cars.       

Need More Business with OutSource SEO Company

It’s an online web 2.0 world in which we live, and the competition is fierce, unrelenting and unforgiving. With more people using the internet to find things, if you don’t have a presence that’s established and prominent, you very well may not get found. In fact, according to recent statistics, polls and studies, most people never search past page one on Google. Secondly, 90% of all searches are attributed to the top-5 listings on Google. Lastly, people are nine times more likely to find something by searching for it online these days than by any other means. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Well that’s all fine and dandy, but how the heck can I afford to pay for SEO when it costs thousands of dollars per month that I don’t have?’ The answer can be found in a creative method of using an outsource SEO company that charges you far less for the same quality work.

What is an Outsource SEO Company?

An outsource SEO company is merely a company that provides SEO services that is not domestically based. Take for example an outsource SEO company versus a US-based SEO company. The US is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and therefore the average cost of living is very high as is the average income by comparison to other regions in the world. With an outsource SEO company, you are not paying to compensate highly paid US workers. You get to enjoy a price break on the same services, while receiving the same quality or better. It’s the leading reason why companies outsource during the present day: to save money without compromising quality.

Top Reasons Businesses Use an Outsource SEO Company

When comparing domestic SEO services versus using an outsource SEO company, there are numerous advantages that an entity can enjoy.
  • Hire more workers to facilitate your SEO; far more than you could afford in the US.
  • A properly managed outsource SEO company will have project managers that keep you apprised and in the loop at all times.
  • Since they have more to prove, you generally get more for your dollar as far as results are concerned.
  • Reduce your overhead costs without compromising on quality or service, and increase return on investment as a direct result.
  • Reinvest the money you would otherwise be spending (from the savings) back into the growth and expansion of your organization.